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Long ago, when I was a tiny 3rd grader, I was pestering my father for book recommendations, having finished whatever juvenile series I was reading at the time. He took me down to the basement, to pick a book from his library. It set a Foundation. Foundation was one of those books that was prominently placed in his library. It had an interesting cover so I picked it up and I was hooked by the first paragraph. I’ve ready every work of non-fiction by Asimov since then. Out of the hundreds of sci-fi and fantasy books there, Asimov represented by far the largest component. He had almost a hundred different Asimov books, and even more now. Obviously, my dad beelined for the Asimov section and looked for one he knew would appeal to me. I was given one of the Fantasy and Science Fiction collections, maybe the Planet that Wasn’t or Only a Trillion, and I subsequently devoured all the other ones we had. I was already hooked on Asimov before I even started reading Asimov! ~XO