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Good List, Could Be Better

This list of male sci-fi writers is good. It could be better. I haven’t even heard of sp,e of them, and I used to run an SF club in high school. I’m a bit sad to see no Olaf Stapledon or James White. If you get the chance you should check out Olaf Stapledon and James White! Olaf Stapledon wrote Star Maker, what Arthur C. Clarke described as one of the finest works of science fiction ever written, and James White revolutionized the writing of realistically non-humanoid aliens in the pulp magazine age of pretty blonde princesses from Mars and mindless bug-eyed monsters. Star Maker is one of my favorite books and I’m unapologetic about it! I’ll definitely be checking out some of them though. Thanks for the recommendations. ~XO If you are looking for a list of si-fi grandmasters you can find one here. You will recognize many or most of the names, but maybe not all. This list is the collection of authors that other science fiction authors consider to be the most important in the field.