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Blonde Guys

I generally find dark hair more attractive on women and men. “Pale skin”/skin tone isn’t a factor in my attraction at all. There’s a lot of natural and dyed blond hair in Denmark, where I was on vacation last year, so I’ve seen plenty attractive light haired people too, it’s not a turn off but growing up in Florida sort of shifted my taste to visually, darker hair, which I find tends to look better. But it depends on how attractive they are otherwise honestly. Some people’s hair really works for them and that can add to attractiveness but in general hair color isn’t really a deciding feature for me. This is going to make me sound sort of, okay, super superficial, but I’m attracted to guys with long hair. When I am single most short-haired guys don’t get a second look from me regardless of color. One of the sexiest men I know is my red bearded boyfriend. He also sports a sexy bun when he doesn’t have his hair down!